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    Black Silicon Carbide (SIC) is produced in an electric resistance furnace from quartz sand and petroleum coke or anthracite at high temperature. The hardness and sharp particle shape of SIC make it suitable for producing of grinding wheels, coated abrasives, wire saws, superior refractory materials and deoxideiser as well as for lapping, polishing and blasting.
    Chemical & Physical Properties
    Crystal FormAlpha SiC hexagonal system
    Chemical natureSlight acid
    Reaction with acidsVery slight surface action with hydrofluoric acid
    Reaction with AlkaliesAttcked at high temperature by alkalles and iron xide
    Oxidation-reduction effectsStarts to oxide slowly at 800oC. No reduction
    True Density (g/cm3)3.20
    HardnessKnoop (kg/cm2)2200-2500
    Color after firingBlack
    Decomposition point2200oC
    Max Usable temperature1540oC in air
    Specific heat (cal/g.oC)0oC500oC1000oC
    Coefficient of thermal conductivity (cal/cm2.sec.oC)600oC800oC1000oC
    Electrical resistivity (Wcm)25oC100oC400oC800oC1400oC
    Coefficient of liner expansion (x10-6)25oC-500oC25oC-1000oC25oC-1500oC25oC-2000oC25oC-2500oC
    Chemical Composition (by % weight)
    Grit10# – 90#100# -180#220# – 220#230# – 400 #500#-1200#
    SiC98.5 min98.0 min97.0 min96.0 min93.0 min
    F.C0.2 max0.3 max0.3 max0.4 max0.4 max
    Fe2O30.6 max0.8 max1.2 max1.5 max1.7 max
    Available grain sizes
    Grit No.MicronGrit No.MicronGrit No.Micron
    102360 ~ 200030710 ~ 60080212 ~ 180
    122000 ~ 170036600 ~ 50090180 ~ 150
    141700 ~ 140040500 ~ 425100150 ~ 125
    161400 ~ 118046425 ~ 355120125 ~ 106
    201180 ~ 100054355 ~ 300150106 ~ 75
    221000 ~ 85060300 ~ 25018090 ~ 63
    24850 ~ 71070250 ~ 21222075 ~ 53
    Available mircron powder sizes
    China GB 2477-83
    JISFEPA(84) / DIN(70)ISO(77)
    Grit No.Norminal size range(µm)Grit No.ds50 value (µm)Grit No.ds50 value (µm)Grit No.ds50 value (µm)
    Standard werte der Mikro-F-ReiheSedigraph 5000D
        24060.0±4.0   P24058.5±2.0
       28052.0±3.0   P28052.2±2.0
    W6363 – 5032046.0±2.5F230/5353±3.050.0±3.0P32046.2±1.5
    W5050 – 4036040.0±2.0F240/4544.5±2.042.0±2.0P36040.5±1.5
      40034.0±2.0   P40035.0±1.5
    W4040 – 2850028.0±2.0F280/3736.5±1.534.5±1.5P50030.2±1.5
    W2838 – 2070021.0±1.3F360/2322.8±1.521.6±1.5P80021.8±1.0
    W2020 – 14100015.5±1.0F500/1312.8±1.012.3±1.0P120015.3±1.0
    W1414 – 10120013.0±1.0     
    W1010 – 720008.5±0.7     
    W77 – 525007.0±0.7F800/76.5±1.06.3±1.0  
    W55 – 3.530005.7±0.5F1000/54.5±0.84.5±0.8  
    for general purposesfor general purposesfor bonded abrasivesfor coated abrasives
    Non-abrasive SiC (TN) (% by weight)
    Chemical Composition
    TypeSiC minF.C maxFe2O3 maxSize mm

    Vitrified toolsLapping
    Resinoid toolsBlasting
    PolishingInvestment casting
    TumblingWear resistance
    Lapping compoundWire saw

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